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Alignment Review

Helpful information on evaluating the design of your current sales compensation plans.

How are your current plans performing? When is it time to overhaul your sales compensation plans? Are your reps delivering what you need? Are the costs within budget?

The alignment review is designed to evaluate if your sales compensation plans are tracking as expected and identify any potential risk, such as reps learning how to game your plan design to maximize their earnings at the expense of your profit. It is important to know when to stay the course and when to change the course.

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Strategic Consulting

Actionable insights and sales compensation strategies that help businesses succeed.

Do you just need to refresh your commission plans or do they need to be totally realigned to a new sales strategy? Whenever your sales compensation planning could use some smart, practical thinking, you’ll value the expertise and experience we can offer you.

With a proven process, you will be guided to creating strategic sales compensation plans that focus on your unique business needs.  Engagement consist of identifying strategic business needs, aligning sales compensation plans, modeling and refining plans, roll out.

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