Your sales compensation plan is how you communicate

your strategic vision to your sales team.

What does yours say?

At Sales Compensation Strategies, we make sure that your sales compensation plans reflect your strategic vision and is clearly understood by each and every sales representative.

We offer a wide range of services tailored to fit your business need. Whether you’re a small, local business or a mid-size high growth company, we can help you succeed with custom designed sales compensation plans that drive the right behavior to help you achieve your revenue goals while living within you expense guidelines.

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Sales compensation is a powerful lever that companies use to drive their sales force to deliver the results of their corporate goals.  To make it the most effective, it has to align your sales team with those goals and focus them on activities that will deliver the correct results.  The Strategic Alignment Sales Compensation Consulting Engagement is designed to do just that.

At Sales Compensation Strategies, your business comes first. We tailor all our services to suit each client, because no two businesses or sales compensation plans are alike. Our experts develop ideas that solve our clients’ most complex and pressing sales compensation challenges. Call us today to learn how to spend your commission dollars wisely to drive results!


Work with Experts

Compensation Advice on Call

Got a quick question about sales compensation, then give us a call.

Are you expanding your sales organization and not sure what to do about the sales compensation plan for these new hires? Got some returns to deal with and need to recover from commissions paid?

It’s lonely being the only one who understands sales compensation in a company (been there) and sometimes you just need someone to talk to about the problem you have or the options you are considering.

Limited to one question, one hour at no cost to you!

Jump Start Advice

Got most of the answers but still have some questions, then this option is what you need.

Are you making minor tweaks to a few of your sales compensation plans for next year? Got a couple of remaining sales plan challenges but don’t know where to turn for the solution?

Sometimes all it takes is a quick review of your plans to see if you are targeting the right behavior, rewarding the right sales reps and paying appropriately. You need a little more than a sounding board but not an entire strategic consulting engagement. You need practical advice from an expert.

Limited to 6 hours of web based consulting for a low price of $2,500.



Achieve Your Goals

Alignment Review

Helpful information on evaluating the design of your current sales compensation plans.

How are your current plans performing? When is it time to overhaul your sales compensation plans? Are your reps delivering what you need? Are the costs within budget?

The alignment review is designed to evaluate if your sales compensation plans are tracking as expected and identify any potential risk, such as reps learning how to game your plan design to maximize their earnings at the expense of your profit. It is important to know when to stay the course and when to change the course.

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Strategic Consulting

Actionable insights and sales compensation strategies that help businesses succeed.

Do you just need to refresh your commission plans or do they need to be totally realigned to a new sales strategy? Whenever your sales compensation planning could use some smart, practical thinking, you’ll value the expertise and experience we can offer you.

With a proven process, you will be guided to creating strategic sales compensation plans that focus on your unique business needs.  Engagement consist of identifying strategic business needs, aligning sales compensation plans, modeling and refining plans, roll out.

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Workshops and speaking


Custom designed workshops addressing all your sales compensation business issues.

Do you have a unique business issue that needs to be addressed? These hands-on workshops are designed to address a specific business need such as:

  • How to boost revenues with a more strategic sales compensation plan

  • Are you paying your sales reps appropriately for performance

  • It takes a team to design the best sales compensation plan

  • Quota setting

We work side-by-side with you to design a workshop to improve the results of your sales compensation program. Teanna has in depth experience both on the strategic design of sales compensation plans in complex organizations and the tactical implementation of those plans.


Discussions and lectures on the latest trends and pitfalls of sales compensation design.

Are your revenues below target? Are your top sales reps leaving? Are you struggling to hire the best sales talent? Do you know how important the right sales compensation plan is? Latest topics, relevant examples that were designed for Vistage, UR Business Network, Business Fundamentals Bootcamp and you:

  • So you missed your quarterly numbers now what

  • Common pitfalls in sales commission plan design

  • Adding structure to your planning process

  • Getting to heart of your sales compensation issues

  • Increase revenues by improving sales efficiencies

  • How to lose your top sales talent

  • Creating more Sales Superstars

  • Sales Compensation, are you paying too much

Successful Manager

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