Workshops and speaking



Custom designed workshops addressing all your sales compensation business issues.

Do you have a unique business issue that needs to be addressed? These hands-on workshops are designed to address a specific business need such as:

  • How to boost revenues with a more strategic sales compensation plan

  • Are you paying your sales reps appropriately for performance

  • It takes a team to design the best sales compensation plan

  • Quota setting

We work side-by-side with you to design a workshop to improve the results of your sales compensation program. Teanna has in depth experience both on the strategic design of sales compensation plans in complex organizations and the tactical implementation of those plans.


Discussions and lectures on the latest trends and pitfalls of sales compensation design.

Are your revenues below target? Are your top sales reps leaving? Are you struggling to hire the best sales talent? Do you know how important the right sales compensation plan is? Latest topics, relevant examples that were designed for Vistage, UR Business Network, Business Fundamentals Bootcamp and you:

  • So you missed your quarterly numbers now what

  • Common pitfalls in sales commission plan design

  • Adding structure to your planning process

  • Getting to heart of your sales compensation issues

  • Increase revenues by improving sales efficiencies

  • How to lose your top sales talent

  • Creating more Sales Superstars

  • Sales Compensation, are you paying too much